The story of my fight against breast cancer

I got to walk in the 2015 Kentucky Oaks PINK Parade!
My mom walked with me. That day, we celebrated over 6 years cancer free.

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Reanna Smith-Hamblin. I am - yikes - 41 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the early age of 33...Now I am 7 years cancer free. God, what relief!
For those of you just starting your treatment...don't worry. There IS life after cancer.
My husband created this website as a surprise to me. A place where I could let my emotions run wild, a place where I could release my stress, and a place where I could share my story with others. I have shared each and every moment that I can, in good times and in bad. This has been an up and down journey. I've been told from those who have read my diary that they have shed tears, but they have also laughed. I am so very happy to share this journey with those who read it. On the days that I could not share my journey, my wonderful husband shared it for me. 
My husband and I hope that by sharing our story we can bring more awareness to this nasty disease, and make people realize they are not too young to be breast cancer victims. We found my cancer through a self exam. Please, do them every chance you get! There is a saying from "Save the Ta-Ta's." It is "Save a Life, Grope Your Wife." Men, if you love your wife, or your significant other, GROPE them...for a good cause! 
Please feel free to contact me any time. I want to hear from you! Share your stories, write about your fears, tell me if sharing my story helped you. You can email me at Please see my diary below. It is a subpage of this one.))

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